• 12.8.17

    CrossFit BDA – Daily Workout

    Split Jerk (Work to a heavy 1 rep)

    Metcon (No Measure)

    EMOM x 20 mins:

    1. 8 Push Press

    2. 8-15 T2B

    3. 14 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)

    4. 8-15 Burpees
    Choose a weight for the Push Press that you can go unbroken with, but reps 7 and 8 are difficult when fresh.

    Metcon (No Measure)

    Optional Extra Work

    Do this one before your workout –

    AMRAP x 7 mins:

    Burpee Ring MUs

    Assault Bike

    Start at 55/48 RPMs. Add 1 RPM each 30 sec until you cannot sustain anymore. Score is final RPM you were able to sustain for 30 secs.

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