• Halloween Wod 2014

    Main – Cardio CrossFit Metcon (No Measure) “ZOMBIE CHASE” The living begin wod at 0:00, Zombies begin at 3:00 and try to catch the living. Run 800m 20 DUs (60s) 40 Air Squats 60 Ab mat situps 40 HR Push ups 20 Pull ups Run 800m If you are a Zombie you must catch at

  • 10.31.14

    Main – Daily Workout Happy Halloween! As many of you know, Teresa Perozzi, a long time CFBDA member, has lined up a Friday Night Fight of her own set for November 21. Mark the date in your calendar to come out and support Teresa! You can learn more about the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/298776110317542/ We will

  • 10.30.14

    Main – Daily Workout Metcon (No Measure) 12 MIN AMRAP, NOT for reps or time A1. Front Rack Lunge x 10 reps (5 per leg) -suggested weight for Advanced 135/95 but scale down accordingly. Use dumbbells if needed. A2. Ring/Static Dips or Tricep Box Dips x 8-10 reps -Advanced, complete 1-5 Ring or Bar Muscle