2.10.15 Box Brief

Motivational Momma Monday’s™ Honors: Stephanie Vetro McCloskey

This week, Motivational Momma Monday’s™ honors Stephanie Vetro McCloskey, of Havertown, PA with her remarkable story of perseverance and triumph. Stephanie, you are a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story and THANK YOU for paving the way for so many other women. Congratulations!

Stephanie’s Story:
287 pounds. That was the number! That was my number that finally woke me up. That was the number I finally paid attention to. That was the number that changed me! That was my highest weight when I finally accepted I had a serious problem, my weight was out of control, I was pre-diabetic, I had a baby turning into a toddler, I was obese, I was unhappy, and that one number made me reach my limit. I wasn’t fooling anyone- including myself- and I couldn’t hide it anymore, I was morbidly obese and extremely unhealthy. Click here to read more……