2.19.15 Box Brief

Get Ready for New Meals!

Below is courtesy of Custom Fit Meals

In the coming weeks we’re bringing you even more farm-to-fork freshness.  Here are some new chicken dishes you are sure to love. Simple and delicious meals featuring All-Natural grilled chicken breast and a series of tasty new sides.

Rustic Balsamic-Grilled Chicken Breast| Garlic and Herb Grilled Chicken Breast | Balsamic-BBQ Chicken | Tuscan Style Chicken with Garlicky Greens | Blackened Chicken Breast | Southern Style Grilled BBQ Chicken

Don’t forget New Sides and Chocolates are live now!  If you haven’t tried Paleo chocolate get ready to get hooked.


We are revamping our entire menu lineup to offer you new flavors and more variety. Over the weeks and months to come, we will be introducing over 30 new items, with more to follow. So stay tuned and ENJOY.

We are also continually developing new relationships with farmers and ranchers that are doing things “the right way”. This enables us to provide even higher ingredient quality and creates new jobs in our local and extended markets.   

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