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Chris Spealler’s Tips for Efficient Kipping Handstand Push Ups

It’s one thing being able to do a kipping handstand push up, or even a few of them. It’s another thing being efficient at performing them.

Chris Spealler is a world-class CrossFit renowned for his efficiency of movement. Being smaller and lighter than most of his competition means he needs to move better to take advantage of every ounce of strength.

Here are Chris’s tips for efficient kipping handstand push ups:

  • Keep your belly and butt tight
  • Place your hands a little away from the wall to allow you to kick into it
  • Point your thumbs to the wall
  • Keep your elbows close and pointing slightly backward
  • Try not to overextend too much

Once you get great at these, you can try ring handstand push ups:

  • For a bigger athlete, kick up and wrap your feet around the straps, use them on both the down and up elements
  • For a smaller athlete, start with your head on the floor, come off the straps on the up, and wrap them around again on the down

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