4.10.15 Box Brief


If you get a lump in your throat when double-unders appear on the whiteboard here are a few techniques to help you master them.

Can you do 1,400 consecutive double-unders? Molly Metz, jump-rope competitor and coach, who has conducted seminars at more than 60 boxes around the country, can, which is why we asked her for some advice on cleaning ours up.

• Cut out the slack: “From all the seminars we have conducted, we have shortened 90 percent of the ropes the athletes were using. The athletes’ ability to find good form takes time, but when they find it, their rope usually needs to be shortened,” Metz says.

• Relax: Double-unders require very little effort. They don’t demand an explosive jump or constant tension in the arms and shoulders.

• Find the right rope: When it comes to double-unders, nothing beats the Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope.