Friday 4.10.15 Competitor WOD

Max Effort Upper


Hang Snatch (1RM Рlimit to 10 reps after warming up)


The Jesus V2 (AMRAP РRounds)
Every 2:00min for 10 rounds complete
100m Sprint
1 Rope Climb
3 Burpee Box Overs (24,20)
5m HS Walk
** Burpee Box Over – both feet must be on top of the box at the same time
**If you fail a round rest as needed and restart on next round
**Score successful rounds

Special Strength

Special Strength

4×10 Ring Rows for max elevation + band tension.
**attach bands to DBs


50 DB Side Bends (55,35)
**Each side


4 x max time 3/4 press lock out
**take from rack with earthquake bar, hang KBs from bands. Press bar just overhead and hold for max time.
*men 15# bar + 15# KBs, women 15# bar + 5# plates