8.17.15 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Upper

Mobility: 6min

3min of each banded distraction shown in video. 0:00-3:45 14-Day Mobility Challenge | 7 Green Lights | Day 13

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 12min

Close Grip Bench (3RM – Less than 10 reps past 50%)
**Hand inside of gnarling
Shifts emphasis from large muscle of the shoulders and back to the triceps and forearms
Use normal bench press et up with hands set on barbell narrower than shoulder width. Coach inside of barbell gnarling.


“Cherry Garcia”
5 Rounds
Every 3min Complete
200m Run
Max Clusters (135,95)
**Score total clusters
Athletes should note take 3min to SPRINT 200m. They should have plenty of time to complete Clusters. If not Rx, Coach Athletes that Clusters should be heavy, but that a thruster should be completed. Not a Squat Clean + Push Jerk. At R5, 9:30 & 12:00, Athletes 95#+ will pull from yellow pads. None Rx Athletes on thin pads.
At ML 9:30 & 12:00, Athletes 95#+  need to pull from normal pads.

$ Out

3×20 Partner Leg Throws
**total of 20, throw legs to diff. sides