8.21.15 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Lower

Mobility: 6min

3min Wall Sit Keg Stretch + 3min Keg Stretch
Split into 2 groups if needed

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 12min

Clean (1RM: No Hook, No Foot, No Touch)
Run this as an EMOM. Every minute the Athletes will make a lift and increase over the 12min, for a max 12 lifts. This will allow you to see all of the Athletes move while insuring that their volumes stay low. Coach Athletes to start with 50% of their 1RM clean on their bar and make sizable jumps each minute. If they fail before the 12 lifts, 12min, is completed they can repeat the weight, decrease to a smaller weight increase or stop.
Athletes are not required to hook grip the barbell, removing jerkiness from the ground. No foot insures that the Athletes mid foot stays full planted on the round, although the Athletes heel can slightly come off the ground. No Touch will be the most difficult part of this lift variation for the Athlete. By not touching the body with the barbell the Athlete must finish the first pull before the second. If the the Athletes ‘pulls early’ the barbell will not travel in a straight line, touching the body.
Perform with the same standards and set up at the Clean. A full squat tis required. The Athlete starts with feet in receiving position. The Athlete is not able to hook grip the barbell, shift the feet or touch the body with the bar. The result will be a smooth first and second pull as well as a fast decent into the third pull.

WOD: 30min

Happy Birthday Coach Kyle
“The Tall Man”
10 Rounds
250m Row
15 Wall Balls (20,14)
**30min time cap
Athletes should move quickly on the erg and wall ball. Coach Athletes to complete the first 3-5 rounds of wall balls unbroken. If busy, stagger starts. It should take Athletes roughly 1min to complete the row and 1min to complete the wall balls. Keep your eye out for Athletes that are Rx the wall ball weight and should not be. Proper range of motion over Rx.

Cool Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out

3 Rounds
20sec. Scissor Kicks
20sec. Rest
20 sec. Flutter Kicks
20sec. Rest