9.10.15 WOD NOTES

No Max Effort this week, prepare for “The CrossFit Total” on Sunday

Dynamic Effort Upper

Mobility: 5min

Week 2 of this mobility piece. We will repeat this mobility next week, week 3.
1:31 – 2:36 http://www.mobilitywod.com/daily/sunday-august-30th-2015/

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Power Clean (5,5,3,3,2,2,1,1@ 70% 1RM)
**These reps are not TNG, reset each at the bottom of each rep.
**Perform as EMOM
Week 2 of this 3 week cycle.
Run Every 60sec. These Reps should not be completed TNG, reset at the bottom of each movement (hands do not leave bar). Focus is on FORM. During high repetitions Oly lifts Athletes need to stay under tension through the midline, but relaxed in the hands/grip. Any BIG range of motion lift, like the power clean, when programmed in multiple reps needs to be performed with good mechanics to prevent injury at a high percentage of the Athletes 1RM. Over the next 2 weeks we will climb to 80% 1RM.  The goal is to put the Athlete into a state of fatigue, watch for glaring faults and que. This should be a challenging weight for the Athlete. If Athletes are performing without fatigue they are not going heavy enough.

WOD: 15min

“Ring Row Fran”
Thrusters (95,65)
Elevated Strict Ring Rows
This will take longer than “Fran” programmed with pull ups. The ring rows need to be performed with feet on 20″ box and body at parallel. No kipping, these are strict ring rows. Thrusters, if not Rx, choose “Fran” weight or weight that the Athlete can perform 15 reps unbroken.

Cool Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out

100 Barbell Side Bends