Thursday 9.24.15 WOD NOTES

Dynamic Effort Lower

Mobility: 4min

2min each side 0:00 – 1:20

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Back Squat (6×3 @ 50% Tempo 2-1-1-0)
2sec. decent
1sec. pause
1sec. accent
No pause at the top
• Improve body awareness and control through the lift
• Development of the connective tissues
• Improve stability throughout the lift
• Focuses on the muscular elements (engaging the muscles) of the lift rather than the elastic elements (bouncing out of the lift)
From the rack, Athletes will perform 6 sets of 3 reps each. 1 rep will consist of descending over 2sec to the bottom of the squat, holding the bottom position for 1 sec., ascending quickly (1sec.) and repeating for rep 2 and 3 immediately with no rest at the top.

WOD: 24min

“Up Front & Personal”
In 8min Complete
200 Dubs (x2)
1RM Snatch
In 8min Complete
70 Burpees
1RM Snatch
In 8min Complete
70,60 Cal Row
1RM Snatch
**Score the heaviest weight of each snatch
Set the clock to count 8min intervals.
Interval #1: Athlete will perform 200 Dubs (x2), in remaining time they will attempt a snatch for max weight. Coach Athletes to strategically rest before they perform the snatch and before interval #2 starts.
Interval #2: Athlete will complete 70 burpees, scale this appropriately for reconditioned Athletes. Example: 1 burpee every 10sec. for 5min. Athlete will again attempt a snatch for max weight
Interval #3: 70 cal row for the men, 60 cal row for the ladies, then attempt a snatch for max weight
**Athletes should be encouraged to perform multiple snatches to reach a max weight for each round. Score the max weight of each round.

Cool Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out

4×18 GHD Sit ups