Wednesday 10.14.15 WOD NOTES

Explosive Strength

Mobility: 5min

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Squat Clean (EMOM for 12min x1 @ 80%)
Over the last 3 weeks we have completed high hang cleans to improve barbell speed and prevent early pulls. Today we will complete x1 heavy squat every min for 12 min. This is going to get heavy and difficult fast. Athletes need to lift a true 80% of their clean (squat clean). Athletes must pass through the front squat position (if they choose to PC because they are not comfortable in the 3rd pull work with them to get comfortable, but no matter how high they catch the barbell they must pass through the front squat).
Today our focus is form/mechanics under load. Review each Athletes set up, first, second and third pulls.

WOD: 20min

1/2 “Kevin”
3 Rounds
16 Deadlifts (185,115)
16 Hanging Hip Touches
400m Run with DBs (10,5)
**Rx+ Run with DBs (15,10)
**Use DBs and/or metal plates to run with
This should be a fun one today. Make sure to practice the hip touches before you teach as hand placement on the bar is important to prevent to much sway. If not Rx, Athletes should work at less than 50% of their 1RM deadlift. 16 deadlifts should be completed unbroken in the first and possible the second rounds. 400m Run with DBs. At ML light DBs are down stairs in the CF Kids room, please have the Athletes return them after the WOD. We will not have enough DBs for all the Athletes so encourage Athletes to run with metal plates. There are plenty of 10# and 5# metal plates available. Only Athletes Rx+ this workout should use 15# DBs. Make sure Athletes are continuing to move their arms while running with DBs, not holding imaginary suitcases?

$ Out

3×15 Reverse Hyper
**moderate weight