Friday 11.13.15 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Upper

Mobility: 5min

5min, keg stretch with foam roller and barbell. Hands in snatch position

Dynamic Warm Up: 7min

+ Snatch warm up with barbell (coaches choice)

Strength: 15min

Power Snatch (1RM)
Athletes must catch barbell above parallel to classify as power snatch. During movement demo breakdown each of the pulls and the common faults. Great video below covering the basics of the snatch.

WOD: 20min

“Candle in the wind”
10 Dubs (x3)
50 STOH (75,55)
20 Dubs
40 STOH (95,65)
30 Dubs
30 STOH (115,75)
40 Dubs
20 STOH (135,95)
50 Dubs
10 STOH (155,115)
If not Rx weights Athletes should still make weight jumps. Athletes should move through rounds of 50, 40, 30 quickly (minimal sets). Coach Athletes to make weight changes instead of trying to find enough weights to stack. This way Athletes can share weights.

$ Out

For 10min
1min Max Distance Row
1min Rest