Tuesday 12.15.15 WOD NOTES

Dynamic Effort Lower

Mobility: 6min

3min each sided: Video link below 0:00-1:35. 2 mobility pieces on each leg.

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Back Squat (5×5 @ 75% 1RM)
Week 2 of 3, DE back squat for strength endurance. Communication to athletes that the rep schemes include higher reps with lower sets to focus on strength endurance, the ability to with stand muscle fatigue.

WOD: 20min

“Old Sink or Swim”
3 Rounds:
7 Hang Squat Cleans (Rx+155,105,Rx105,75)
14 KB Swings (Rx+70,55,Rx55,35)
21 Box Jumps (Rx+24,20,Rx20,16)
Note that there are Rx+ and Rx weights. If not Rx weights, Athletes should be able to complete first round of hang squat cleans unbroken. KB Swings are programmed to be heavy, first set should be unbroken. Box Jumps, to get to 16″ stack 45# plates, 4″ each. Budget 20min for this workout, but should be completed in less than 12min.

$ Out

99 Sit ups with feet anchored