Sunday 12.27.15 WOD NOTES

We are registered with Garage Games to host and judge registered Athletes. Please watch the video for movement standards. All registered Athletes need judges to verify movements. We will run the WODs today so that ALL Athletes have a judge for each WOD, similar to the CrossFit Open. All Athletes will be partnered and have a judge even if they are not registered for the Garage Games.
Partner Athletes up and complete the WODs as scheduled below. Start the 8:30 and 9:30 WODs on time with a dynamic warm up, review movements, standards and layout below.
It is inevitable that you are going to have Athletes say that they are not registered and want to complete both WODs during the 1 hour time slot. Try to accommodate these Athletes but make a blanket statement during the Movement/standard demo that the WODs are scheduled in the below way to make sure everyone has enough gear and space. If they choose to complete both WODs they need to accommodate those that are registered for the Garage Games and be patient.
Make sure to inform Athletes that we are on a tight schedule and need them to work together to get all of their gear prepared in a timely manner. Make sure to tell all Athletes that their will be NO cool down stretch today to allow for the change over.

WOD layout

8:30am CLASS

8:30 – 8:35: Dynamic Warm Up
8:35-8:40: Movement Standards (WOD 1 & 2 ONLY) and class layout, partner Athletes up

WOD #1 10min

**WOD should take 4-8 min., we are giving 10min to allow for Athletes to switch.

8:45-8:55: WOD #1 Starts. P1 completes WOD #1, P2 judges.
9:00-9:10 WOD #1 Continues. P2 completes WOD #1, P1 judges

WOD #2 10min

**WOD has an 8min. cap, we are giving 10min to allow for Athletes to switch.

9:15-9:25 WOD #2 P1 Completes WOD #2, P2 Judges
***NOTE: P2 does not complete WOD #2 during the 8:30 class time, If they want to they can complete WOD #2 during the start of the 9:30 class.

9:30am CLASS

9:30-9:35 Dynamic Warm up
9:35-9:40 Movement Standards (WOD 2 & 3 ONLY) and class layout, partner Athletes up
9:45-9:50 WOD #2, P2 completes, P1 judges
9:55-10:15 WOD #3, P1 completes, P2 Judges
10:18-10:30 WOD #3, P2 completes, P1 judges



“2015 Garage Games Masters WOD 1”
Power Cleans
Burpees to a 45# plate
RX Age Divisions:
35-39 155/105
40-54 135/95
55-59 115/75
60+ 95/65
Scaled Divisions:
35-54  95/65
55+  75/45

WOD #2

“2015 Garage Games Masters WOD 2”
8min AMRAP
50 Wall Balls
30 Snatches
Max Pull-upsRX
(Target = 10’/9’ – touch the target)
35-39  20/95  14/65 C2B
40-49  20/95  14/65 Pull-ups
50-59  20/75  14/45 Pull-ups
60+  14/65  10/45 Pull-upsScaled  (Target = 10’/9’ – touch the target)
35-44  20/75   14/45 Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups or see below
45-54  20/65   10/45 Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups or see below
55+  14/45   10/45  Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups or see below

***Scaled – Pull-ups can be done instead of squats for 2 reps per pull-up bonus.  No switching between them, one or the other.

WOD #3

“2015 Garage Games Masters WOD 3”
12min Time Cap:
50 Thrusters
40 T2B
30 OH Lunge
35-39  135/20   95/14  T2B
40-49  115/20   75/14  T2B
50-54  95/20   65/14  T2B
55+   75/20   55/14  K2ESCALED DIVISION
35-39 95/20 65/14 Sit-ups
40-49 75/20 55/14 Sit-ups
50+ 65/20 45/14 Sit-ups

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