Monday 1.4.16 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Upper

Mobility: 4min

2min each side 0:00 -1:40

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 10min

Pushup (3RM, weighted on back)
Watch video below for why and how. Partner Athletes to help with loading and unloading. Weight needs to be placed on the upper half of the back to load the torso appropriately. If not Rx push ups, Athlete can weight a push up on their knees. Remember, Athletes can start with as little as 2.5# on their back.

WOD: 25min

“Say ‘NO’, sometimes…..”
7 Rounds
20 Calorie Row
25 Dubs (x3)
Max Pull Ups (Unbroken, 30sec)
1min Rest
**Score total pull ups
**Rx+ = Max Unbroken Pull Ups
**Rx = Max Pull ups in 30sec
There is an Rx+ and Rx option. Athletes choosing the Rx option need to watch the clock of their 30sec interval each round. Score total push ups. If Athletes have to wait more than 1min because of lack of rowers that is ok.

$ Out

4min Tabata sit ups with feet anchored