Monday 1.11.16 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Lower

Mobility: 4min

2min each side: Couch Stretch

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Finish with Athletes performing squat jumps and laying on floor performing hip extension. Example: 3 Rounds: 10 Squat Jumps + 10 Hip Extensions

Strength: 12min

Weighted Step-ups (24,20 Back Racked,Build to a heavy 10 (L+R=2))
Athletes can triple up to complete, pull out 1 box for 3 Athletes. They will then share this box for the bulgarian split squat Take barbell from ground, press overhead to back rack position. Athletes will build to a heavy 10 reps (L+R=2). Build to a heavy = no failures, large weight jumps, low volume.
With the Athletes foot on the box we want their knee to be at a 90 degree angle. The heights listed will work for most Athletes, shorter Athlete may need to use a lower box. Be aware of Athletes knee traveling inside the toe on the way down from the box. If this happens slow the Athletes decent down or lower the box height. Athlete will shift weight to foot on box, allowing knee to travel forward of the toe as they ascend to a position where the shoulder hip and knee are in a straight line.
Quad and glute dominate exercise, the main movers in the deadlift and squat variations.


50 Back Squats (135,95,115,75)
100 Bulgarian Split Squats (20,20)
50 Deadlifts (135,95,115,75)
100 Dubs
**Split Squats, divide however
**Score time, 18min time cap
Rx+ and Rx weights are listed. Athletes should be able to complete 50 back squats and deadlifts in no more than 3 sets. Bulgarian split squats, use 20″ box (Athletes can share). Athletes forward knee and hip must be parallel to complete bulgarian split squat as Rx. We are not looking for the Athletes back knee to touch the ground as the height of the box and the Athletes height can affect this range of motion (all Athletes will use 20″ box and share boxes)

$ Out

7min AMRAP
15 Calorie Row
15 Sit ups