Tuesday 1.26.16 WOD NOTES

Dynamic Effort Upper

Mobility: 4min

Partner up and complete 2min on each Athlete
0:00-2:35 http://www.mobilitywod.com/daily/tuesday-january-12th-2016/

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Today think about ways to increase the number of toros and upper body movements into the dynamic warm up. Example arm circles, x2 burpees then jog it out to the next cone.

Strength: 12min

Incline Bench Press (6×3 @ 65%)
Incline bench press can both help increase the conventional benchpress and the shoulder to overhead. In addition, Strengthening the shoulder at various angles helps prevent injury. a
For our purposes we will add 8″ (x2 45# plates) of incline to the benches. Follow the same bench press mechanics.

WOD #1

NOTES: Budget 25min for WOD #1 + Rest + WOD #2
There are 2 WODs today, make sure you review the WOD notes so that Athletes expectations are met on WOD #2.
Before the WODs communicate to Athletes that they need to triple up on the assault bikes for WOD #2, and to find these partners before WOD #1 is started. Since Athletes will be coming off WOD #1 at different times Athletes will start WOD #2 at different times.
WOD #2, communicate to the Athletes that we will run off the clocks on the bikes, not the clock on the wall. Athletes will work for 20sec. on the clock on the bike, get off for 40sec. (while the other Athletes cycle through) and jump back on the bike. Yes, we understand that this will cause delay and some Athletes will rest longer than 40sec. Communicate to Athletes that this is OK, everyone will be on the same page today.
P1 finishes WOD #1, rest 5min then starts on bike. P2 then joins into the 20sec. on 40sec. off cycle when their 5min rest is up.  P1 finishes up when the clock on the bike hits 10min. P2 and P3 do the same when their 10min is up.

“Boy Meets World”
HSPU (strict, kipping)
Bounds (30,24,24,20)
**between each round complete 14 DB Snatches (55,35,45,25)
–5min Rest to WOD #2
There are Rx+ and Rx options listed. HSPU to a flat surface. Bounds are over a PVC pipe, Athletes can share a single box and a single PVC pipe, sticking it off both sides of the box (this will save space).  DB snatches should be light and fast, alternate hands as needed. DB does not have to touch the ground, just have to pass below the knee. Perform DB snatches between each round, where you see the dashes. After round 21 and again after round 15.

WOD #2

Asasult Bike
10 Rounds
20sec. on, 40sec. off

**Score your personal calories
**Triple up for this AMRAP, P1 Works, P2 & P3 Rest. Then P2 Works P3 & P1 rest…
see above

$ Out

100 DB Side Bends Each side