Wednesday 1.27.16 WOD NOTES

Explosive Strength

Mobility: 5min

2 pieces. Complete #1 before the dynamic warm up. Complete #2 after dynamic warm up, have Athletes grab barbells. Complete before the burger snatch warm up. Make sure you educate Athlete on why they are performing these mobility pieces today.
1. 5min Squat test with movement
2. 0:00-2:05

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

After dynamic warm up, complete mobility #2 and then  burgerner snatch warm up


Snatch + OHS (Build to a heavy squat snatch + OHS)
**Focus on landing position
Athletes can share bars and work towards a heavy single. What heavy single and not 1RM? When heavy single is programmed we want Athletes to get comfortable working under heavy loads without adding the additional neurologically and mentally effort and recovery of a 1RM. During theBurgerner warm up focus on the landing position of the feet into the 3rd pull. This will become important in the additional OHS.
Why Snatch + OHS?
• Generally the Athletes limiting factor of the snatch is the OHS.


“CrossFit Open Prep #1”
3 x 4min AMRAPs
15 Power Snatches (75,55,65,45)
30 Wall Balls (20,14,14,12)
**2min. rest between rounds
**Score reps for each AMRAP
**Restart each AMRAP with snatches
CrossFit Open registration starts January 14. This is WOD #1 in a series of OPEN prep WODs that we will complete, ending February 25 (15.1). Note that there is Rx+ and Rx weight listed. This would be similar to the Open Rx and Scaled divisions. Despite the MB weight change from Rx+ to Rx the heights stay the same 10′,9′. If not Rx weight on snatch athletes should choose their ‘Randy” weight, or a weight they can complete 10 unbroken power snatches. While coaching the snatch remember that high repetition only lifts are performed differently than rep max only lifts. High repetition only lifts require the Athlete to stay firm through the midline but relaxed in the grip.
After each AMRAP Athletes restart with Power Snatch #1. Athletes will score the total reps of each AMRAP, Wodify will total it up.
Coach Athletes to have a mental game plan for each AMRAP based on their previous result from 1.6.16. Similar to a CrossFit Open game plan.

$ Out

4×6 Barbell Roll outs with a sec. pause halfway in the concentric and eccentric phases
**pause halfway down and halfway back up