Tuesday 2.9.16 WOD NOTES

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Dynamic Effort Lower


Front Rack Reverse Lunge (3×8 (L+R=2) + 20# over week 1)
Take from rack.
The front rack lunge is generally used as an accessory exercise. We will be using it as our DE lower movement as a way to increase quad, hamstring and glute strength. When Coaching make sure Athlete lunge distance is accurate.
Increase the load and speed of the lunge and other lifts will increase too.
Front Rack: midline stabilization
Reverse: shortens Athletes lunge distance making the movement hamstring dominate.  If distance is short, knee travels to far over toe, the movement become quad dominate. If the distance is to long the movement becomes hamstring dominate.


“Falcon Crest”
KB Swings (55,35)
Thrusters (115,75,95,65)
DeadLifts (275,185,225,155)
Assault Bike for Cals

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