Thursday 2.11.16 WOD NOTES


Dynamic Effort Upper

Mobility: 4min

Partner up and complete 2min on each Athlete

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Today think about ways to increase the number of toros and upper body movements into the dynamic warm up. Example arm circles, x2 burpees then jog it out to the next cone.


Incline Bench Press (12×2 @ 75%)
Incline bench press can both help increase the conventional benchpress and the shoulder to overhead. In addition, Strengthening the shoulder at various angles helps prevent injury. a
For our purposes we will add 8″ (x2 45# plates) of incline to the benches. Follow the same bench press mechanics.

WOD: 12min time cap

“Stand By Me”
Fast and Heavy
In 12min Complete:
25 DB Snatches
50 DUBs (x3)
20 DB Snatches
40 DUBs
15 DB Snatches
30 DUBs
10 DB Snatches
20 DUBs
5 DB Snatches
10 DUBs
**Score weight used, time in comments
**Rx = Dubs
**Alternate arms as needed
Athletes should be challenged by the DB weight today, but be able to complete reps quickly. No long breaks. Make sure to review DB snatch mechanics. During movement review have Athletes grab a light DB and review mechanics.

Cool Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out: Complete with group

3×10 Strict T2B or K2E
**10sec hold on the 10th rep of each set