Friday 2.12.16 WOD NOTES


Max Effort Lower

Mobility: 5min

Complete after dynamic warm up. Complete 5x20sec. isometric holds with band, video below

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Sumo Deadlift (3RM from 2″ blocks, reset each pull, no TNG)
Why? Make sure you communicate the below as you teach the sumo deadlift
The sumo deadlift is much ore technical than the conventional deadlift as it requires additional hip and posterior chain engagement while being less stressful on the lower back. Although it may take more time fro Athletes to perfect the sumo deadlift it requires less mobility in the hip and ankle making a great tool to increase you conventional deadlift weight and movement patterns. Pull from blocks 2″ off the ground requires even less hip and ankle mobility.
Athletes do not always achieve the best possible posterior positioning off the ground, raising the bar 2″ allows the Athlete to achieve the best positioning and stresses maintaining it as the hips come to lock out.

WOD: 12min

Fast Times At Ridgemont High (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
12min AMRAP
Cals Assault Bike
Front Squats @ 60%, from rack
**Score rounds + reps
Athletes will share racks and bikes. Make Sure Athletes are aware that everyone will loose time in the transitions and waiting today. I would rather Athletes not row, but be pushed to go faster on the bike because there is someone waiting. Feel free to move bikes in the vicinity of the racks so Athletes do not have to walk all the way across the Box. Athletes need to work at a true 60%, this should get heavy as they move through the 12min.

Cool Down Stretch: NONE

Instead have everyone complete the $ Out together.

$ Out

5×20 Landmines