Monday 2.22.16 WOD NOTES

We are completing the metcon first today as we prepare for the CF Open. Please encourage Athletes to sign up for the CrossFit Open.

Max Effort Upper

Mobility: 8min

2min couch stretch each side + 2min each side foam roll lats

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

On an 18min running clock complete:


“CrossFit Open 2016 Prediction #1”
12min AMRAP
Row For Cals
Snatches (75,55,65,45)
**Score total reps
Start the clock counting up and continue the count through the metcon and into the 6min strength. Metcon: Stagger Athletes starts so that there is enough wall space and rowers. Atheltes should be able to complete rounds of 3,6,9 unbroken.

Strength: 6min

Power Clean + Strict Press (1RM, in 6min)
NOTES: Once Athletes complete metcon they will go directly into finding their 1RM clean and jerk. Coach Athletes not to gather weighs around them during the metcon. Grab the weights after the metcon is completed but have an idea of where they are going.

Cool Down Stretch: NONE

$ Out: 4min

3×30 Standing Heavy Banded Ab Crunches
Coach this instead of a cool down stretch.