Tuesday 2.13.16 WOD NOTES

So Much To Announce!
Wednesday 2.23.16 Movie Night @ CFML – Wayne
Friday 2.25.16 – Friday Night Lights and Coach Kevin B-Day Party

Dynamic Effort Lower


Complete after dynamic warm up. Complete 4x20sec. isometric holds with band, video below

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 10min

Sumo Deadlift (10×1 @ 70% + band tension)
Build to 70%, then every 20sec for 10 rds
Give athletes 2min to get bar to 70% + band tension. Then start the clock, Athletes should perform 1 lift every 20 sec. Give every Athlete their own bar and band. Green – Men. Blue – Women
The sumo deadlift is much ore technical than the conventional deadlift as it requires additional hip and posterior chain engagement while being less stressful on the lower back. Although it may take more time for Athletes to perfect the sumo deadlift it requires less mobility in the hip and ankle making a great tool to increase you conventional deadlift weight and movement patterns. Like all variation on conventional lifts, if we can increase the amount of load we can move we will in turn increase the conventional lift.
Why Bands?
Accommodating resistance allows Athletes to load specific positions of the lift. In this case we are adding additional resistance to the lock out position of the lift to stress the importance of bringing your hips quickly to the bar.
Video below

WOD: 25min

Happy Birthday Coach Matt!
5 Rounds
25′ Hand Stand Walk (Rx=x3 Wall Walks)
5 Muscle Ups (Rx=5C2B + 5 Ring Dips)
10 GHD Sit-Ups (Rx=x3 Ab Mat Sit Ups)
400m Run or 500m Row
There is an Rx+ and Rx option. Rx is listed in parenthesis.
Rx+ = Hand stand walks; Rx =  x3 wall walks (video below), scale #1 Athlete performs stick bug position on 20″ box and walks on hands around box x2, scale #2 for those that can not go upside down, 20 second barbell lockout overhead, heavy.
If raining Athletes can row, rowing is Rx.

Cool Down Stretch: NONE

$ Out: 5min

4×12 DB overhead sit ups w/ feet anchored
Coach this instead of a cool down streatch