Sunday 3.6.16 WOD NOTES

Competition Day

Write the below warm up on a whiteboard and have the Athletes complete it as they arrive. Start on time today. No mobility, No dynamic Warm up, 5min movement demo (have the athletes complete several movements with their barbell). 5min to set up, 40min to WOD. This should leave you 10 extra minutes.

Warm Up:

5 Jumping Pull Ups
10 Jumping Ari Squats w/ 3sec. pause in bottom
15 PVC Good Mornings

Mobility: None

Dynamic Warm Up: None

WOD #1: 20min

“The Governator”
In 20min Complete:
100 Wall Balls (20,14,14,12)
50 Cal Row
50 T2B
Athlete should shoot for large sets on the wall balls. See if you can go unbroken on all 100 reps. Although we complete these movements often make sure to stick to standards and think of ways Athletes can improve or ‘hack’ the movement.

WOD#2: 20min

“Air Force”
In 20min Complete:
20 Thrusters
20 Push Jerks
20 OHS
20 Front Squats
**EMOM complete 4 burpees
**95,65 across all movements
This workout starts with 4 burpees, and EMOM 4 burpees are completed. If Athletes are taking more than 15sec to complete 4 burpees then scale back to 3 or 2 burpees. Be careful not to kill your intensity by constantly completing short sets and burpees. When you get to the bar go unbroken until the end of the minute. Times should be less than 15min, if weighted correctly.