Monday 3.7.16 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Upper

Mobility: 5min

1:40 -end
6:05 – end

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 12min

Pull-ups (4 x (C2B + Kipping + Strict))
**Unbroken, each to fatigue
**Score lowest total
Last repeated fall 2015. This is programmed in as 4 sets of unbroken and continuous pull-ups. You will need all 12min to complete this, take to short of a break between sets and the delta between your highest and lowest reps completed will be to great. Take 3min to warm up and set up the below variations, the clock will then roll in 3min intervals, complete a set every 3min.
If Athletes do not have C2B, Kipping or strict pull-ups follow the below variations.
1. No C2B or strict: Max Kipping Pull Ups
2. No pull up of any variation: Kipping ring rows to chest with pause, Kipping ring row to chest no pause, strict ring row, no pause (moving their feet back each set to make the movement easier with each variation)
How? Complete as many C2B pull ups as possible, start with the most difficult variation (ie, butterfly and then conventional kipping allowing you to use the opening and closing of the hip to its full potential). Once the chest can no longer connect to the bar return to the most difficult variation (butterfly if you have them) and complete standard chin over horizontal plan pull ups, again working your way through the variations. Once the chin can no longer cross over the horizontal plan move to strict pull ups, utilizing only the torso.
Why? 2 fold, repetition method and mechanics. The repetition method of training calls for Athletes to work at high volumes with low or no weight. Forcing the Athlete to recruit every cell of the muscle to complete the final reps, assisting in strength endurance (the ability to withstand muscle fatigue under high volume). Mechanics, by forcing the Athlete to work through the pull up variations we are in turn forcing them to improve their ability to express explosive power. This is something that translates very well to olympic lifting.


5 Rounds
In 3min Complete
400m Run
Burpees (Rx+ 8, Rx 6)
Max KB Swings (70,55,55,35)
**Score total reps of each round
**No rest between rounds
Athletes goal is to complete 5+ Kb swings each round. If you are not making to the KB swings shorten the run or burpee count.

$ Out

3×40 Kneeling banded ab crunches