Monday 3.14.16 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Lower
Mobility: 5min

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Back Squat (20RM)
Repetition Method. The repetition method of training is generally used to increase the Athletes strength endurance, a typical limiting factor in most Athletes absolute strength. The repetition method has long been a part of the conjugate method of programming and may be know to some as lactic acid training or tolerance training. In layman terms, working to near failure each set works every cell in the muscle causing an increase in growth hormone production, increasing muscle size and strength.
This will be less than 50% of your 1RM. As your warm up, during the movement demo, the Coach will have you complete multiple reps of front squats and back squats with an empty barbell. Once you get to the rack jump to 25% and complete 5-7 reps then re-rack the bar. Jump to 50% and complete another 5-7 reps, if this weight is significant complete the 20 reps and you’re done. If not, re-rack the bar and jump again. No more than 4 weight jumps and 1 attempt at a full 20 reps. If you complete multiple attempts at 20 reps your volume will climb significantly, this is not the goal.
Common Faults:
Look for loss of midline as the Athlete near the 20 rep mark. Athletes need to focus on breathing techniques so that they can maintain mechanically sound throughout the benchmark.

WOD: 18min

“Check Your Six”
In 18min Complete:
10 Rounds
5 Front Squats (225,135, 155,105)
10sec. Handstand Hold
**FS from the rack
**Rx =  Use wall for balance, then accumulate 10sec. by  balancing away from wall
Rx+ = Unbroken Handstand Hold, free from wall
Going heavy and from the rack today. These 5 reps should be easily completed unbroken during the first 5-7 rounds and extremely taxing in the last 3-5 rounds. Athletes should stay consistent on weight, just because the barbell speed slows in the latter rounds does not mean Athletes should lower weight.
Handstand hold, Rx =  Use wall for balance, then accumulate 10sec. by  balancing away from wall (video below)
Rx+ = Unbroken Handstand Hold, free from wall (you can not use the wall at all)
HS Modifications: Wall walk to where comfortable, or hold stick bug position with feet on box, hips high. If Athletes are not comfortable upside down then have them lock out overhead with heavy DBs in each hand static hold for 30sec.

$ Out

4x30sec PVC Paddeling
**Rotate forward and backwards, anchor feet