Tuesday 4.12.16 WOD NOTES

It is going to be challenging today to get everything in 1 hour.
Please read notes throughly. Give 20min on the WOD, expect people to finish in sub 15min

Dynamic Effort Lower

Mobility: NONE

During dynamic warm up tell Athletes that they will complete mobility with barbell during movement demo. Have athletes perform mobility with barbell in front rack position and bottom of front squat postition.
Front Rack: drive elbows up while standing. left, right than both
Bottom of Front Squat: complete multiple reps holding bottom position for 10sec each time. Give Athletes ques in bottom: elbow, knees out, toros upright, etc.

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 20min

Squat Clean (Score 3×3)
**Starting weight=5% heavier than last week
Performing high repetition oly lifts; when performed incorrectly can stress bad mechanics; when performed correctly with appropriate ME programming they can increase strength and conditioning. The clean is a very functional movement that when performed correctly under stress (high repetition) can be safe. As usual back and lockout position should be stressed.
The sets are to be completed TNG, however that does not mean TNG with poor form, resetting at the bottom is allowed.
After dynamic warm up have everyone grab a barbell and weights needed for strength, including incrementals, but do not load them on your bar.
Quickly review WOD standards/explanation (below). Then quickly review squat clean and perform mobility. Give Athletes 1 minute to load 60% then complete a set every 2min, set clock to intervals

WOD: 20min

4 MUs
49 Russian KB Swings (55,35,45,25)
49 Goblet Squats (55,35,35,25)
49/39 Cals on Assault Bike
9 MUs
**20min time cap
**1 Rx+ and Rx MU = Scale 2 PU+2PU or MU attempts
Strict 20min time cap. If needed start with Athletes on bike. Assault bike 49 cals for men, 39 cals for women. Mu modifications listed, Attempts count. MU, bar or ring. Have athletes jump on bikes when they become available, even if it is in the middle of swings or goblet squats.

$ Out

100 Standing Banded Oblique Twist
**each side, attach red/orange band at belly height