Wednesday 4.13.16 WOD NOTES

Competition Day

Mobility: None

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Movement Demo: 5min

WOD: 45min

“Universal Soldier”
4 Rounds
5 GTOH (155,105,135,95)
5 C2B
NOTES: sub 7min
Athletes need to choose a weight they can complete GTOH in quick singles
–5min Rest–
3 Rounds
21 Wall Balls (20,14,14,12)
9 BW Deadlift
NOTES: sub 15min
Stress wall balls to be completed unbroken. HSPU in big sets, 5+ reps, Deadlifts unbroken
–5min Rest–
2 Rounds
200m Run
20 T2B
20 Cal Row
NOTES: Sub 15min
**Score total time including rest
Under each WOD

$ Out

GHD Sit Ups
Reverse Hypers