Tuesday 5.3.16. WOD NOTES

Dynamic Effort Upper

Mobility: 4min

2min each side without band , 0:00 – 2:00 – http://www.mobilitywod.com/2012/03/better-benching-and-pressing/

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Bench Press (6×3 @ 60% + red band)
Dynamic work to increase barbell speed. Band set up below. We want tension on the bands at the top and bottom of the lift.
Speed bench refers to the time between sets, less than 1min. Athletes need to rotate quickly.



“Death By Clean & Jerks”
EMOM Complete 1,2,3,4,5,6…..
Clean and Jerks
**Rx+ 135,95
**Rx 95,65
**Score total reps
There is no minimum rounds of work required.
Athletes need to choose a weight that they can get into the round of 10+. If not Rx+  or Rx, Athletes should be able to TNG 6+ reps when fresh. This is not a squat clean and jerk. This is a power clean and jerk. Make sure to use pads during office hours.
Set the clock to count rounds of 1min so that Athletes can tell what round they are in (blue number on clock).

$ Out

10×5 Overhead Barbell Sit Ups, heavy