Thursday 5.5.16 WOD

Dynamic Effort Lower

Mobility: 5min

3o lunge forwards each side. 3:00 – 3:40

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Back Box Squat – Single Red Band
**6×3 @ 60% + band tension
**Below Parallel


WOD: 15min time cap

Happy 30th Birthday Matt Parker!
30 Rounds
3 Sumo Deadlifts
1 Power Snatch
**15min time cap
This weight should not be challenging for TNG sumo deadlifts or a single power snatch.
Athletes should move quickly between the movements, less than 30sec. per round. If Athletes are taking more than 30sec. per round they need to scale the weight to move with more intensity.

Cool Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out

50 Standing Back Extensions holding a plate