Sunday 5.8.16 WOD NOTES

Competition Day!

Mobility: 6min

1:30 each side couch stretch
1:30 each side LAX scapula on wall

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min
WOD: 40min

“Mom’s Morning Out”
1000m Row
100 Sit Ups
Stagger Athletes start by half start on sit ups and half on row. Sit Up modification; anchor feet or perform bridge ups
—5min Rest—
200 Dubs (x3)
100 Push Ups
Athletes should choose modification and stick with it for all 100 reps. Coach Athletes not to float between push ups modifications to make completing the 100 reps easier.
—5min Rest—
50 Burpees
50 DB Snatches (70,55,60,45)
This should be a heavy snatch. Athletes can rotate arms as needed, reps do not have to be split evenly between arms.
—5min Rest—
50 KB Swings (70,55,55,35)
25 Muscle Ups (Scale = 50 Pull Ups + 50 Push Ups)
KB swings should be heavy. Rx+ and Rx = MUs (any style, bar or ring). MU scale listed, Athletes can also score MU attempts, we want athletes to attempt MUs.
**Score time including rest

Cool Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out

3×50 Kneeling Pallof Press, each side