10.21.16 Box Brief

NASA Confirms – Masters Madness is BACK!

Age Divisions 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50+

Masters athletes from across the east coast will convene outside of Philadelphia on December 3, 2016 at the Main Line CrossFit – Wayne to put it on the line in front of hundreds of spectators and competitors for a chance to be crowed the 2016 Masters Madness Champion. Masters Madness provides a unique opportunity to witness over 100 of the best masters level athletes in our sport throw down in a single day competition. The competition will feature traditional CrossFit workouts that stay true to the sport. Athletes and spectators alike thrive in the environment packed with high energy music spun by local DJs.

Over past years we have crowed dozens of Masters Madness podium finishers. This year, all past podium finishers win the opportunity to defend their podium spot FREE of charge and give away one 50% off coupon to any Athlete they want to compete against.

See you in December!
– Coach Daniel
The Main Line CrossFits

Unlike other competitions, if you would like to attend and enjoy the environment please feel free to register and modify any of the workouts as an un-scored competitor.


Event #1

 Event #2

 Event #3

 “Dark Horse” “Olympic Lifting Total” “Rope Climb Triplet”
 1 Movement
–Then 3 Rounds of–
2 Barbell Movement 
15min to complete a heavy 
snatch and then clean and 
jerk to USAW standards  
  3 Barbell Movements
1 Gymnastics Movement & 
15′ Rope Climbs