Wednesday 12.14.16 WOD

Patty - Ardmore

–Save the date 12.17.16–
Holiday Party Kelly’s Tap Room, Bryn Mawr
8-10pm, Open Bar while it last!


Monster Mash 12.1.14

Courtesy of CF Games Athlete Matt Chan
The goal is to make it to 40 minutes:
Odd minutes: Row for Calories (20,15,15,12)
Even minutes: 1 Round of Cindy
**Score your total rounds, top score = 40
**If during your warm-up you realize the amount of work is not sustainable then scale it to something which will still be extremely hard, but likely possible. For example, scale the row to 10,8. If that is not enough, then scale it even more. If the round of Cindy seems impossible then modify those reps from 5-10-15 to 3-6-9, for example….

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