12.17.16 Box Brief


So it’s December and for many people that means eating and drinking just about everything in sight.  #NoRegrets 🙂 While we all like to think we don’t care, deep down we don’t feel this way. I bet you’d rather stay on track and not throw hard-earned progress you worked all year for out the window! So how can you succeed when there’s so much temptation to let everything go?

To survive December eating you’ve gotta have a plan!

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A great nutrition plan needs to be specific, measurable and most importantly, realistic. It needs to specifically outline what kinds foods you should eat, when you’ll eat certain foods (even treats), how much you’re gonna eat and how you’re gonna measure your progress so you can stay on track. Definitely easier said than done, but there are tools and resources out there to help you determine a plan and make it work realistically for you!

For example, during our Lifestyle Challenge we’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to develop a great nutrition plan to help you drop that extra holiday weight, even if you got a little crazy and ate ALL THE FOOD!

During the lifestyle challenge we’ll cover key nutrition habits, what foods to eat, what foods you should avoid, how much to eat, and when to eat certain foods so you can optimize your performance, recovery, and body composition. Plus over the course of the month you can get great discount on 1:1 programing to reach both your CrossFit and nutrition goals.

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