Saturday 1.7.16 WOD

Noel - Ardmore

Masters Arctic Blast WOD Preview


WOD #1

“Snowball Fight ….Gone Bad”
2 Rounds
1min Wall Balls (20,14)
1min SDHP (75,55)
1min Box Jumps (20,20)
1min Push Press (75,55)
1min Cal Row
**Teams may complete the 2 rounds ANYWAY they like (one works/one rest), But at the end of the first rounds the teammate not rowing must have their hand on the flywheel of the erg until the top of round 2.
–10min Rest To WOD #2–

WOD #2

“Old Dog, New Tricks”
Sit ups
KB Swings (70,55)
**Reps can be split any way (one works/one rest); The KB may never touch the ground; 30 sec stand still penalty if it does.

$ Out

Have a great weekend!