Sunday 2.3.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

Box Brief: Level-Up Challenge Day 3 of 21


Every 4min for 3 Rounds

1a) Push-up: submax

1b) 1-Arm KB Row w. rotation

1c) KB bicep curl


20min AMRAP

Heavy Sledpush 100m

Heavy Farmer or Suitcase Carry w/ barbell

Stone to Shoulder or Overshoulder

Bottoms Up KB Carry

Tire Flips

Intent: Today’s work is GPP based and doubles as high-resistance aerobic work. This work is beneficial to improve posture, core endurance, and grip strength.



40s ON / 20s OFF

Min1: Max Cal Row

Min 2: Max Box Jumps

Min 3: Max Hollow Rocks

Min 4: Max 10m Shuttle Run

Min 5: Max Rope Climbs

Intent: Longer EMOM today with not a ton of rest. Reminding athletes that pacing is key and you can’t possibly sprint for 40s and survive. Use the Rope Climb minute as a way to work efficiency and take the intensity down a notch for that minute.