Wednesday 2.6.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

Box Brief: Level-Up Challenge Day 6 of 21

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Session ‘A’

Push Press 3RM

Intent: The goal today is to match our previous 2RM for 3. If you do not have a 2RM set a plan to with manageable jumps in weight so you end on a high note. All sets are TNG off shoulders.



1 Bar Muscle Up

3 Deficit HSPU

5 Bench Press

7 Cal Assault Bike

Last completed: 11/4

Intent: Today’s Metcon is about managing Box Jump efforts while sustaining a challenging 80% pace for all sets. The HSPU and Barb Muscle Up work should be quick.

Session ‘B’

Power Clean 3RM

Intent: The goal today is to work on barbell cycling efficiency to find a 3RM TNG. Have a game plan to end around 85% of your 1RM.

“Bottle Rocket”

100 Dubs

40 Alt. DB Power Snatches

At the top of each minute (starting at the 1-minute mark) perform 7 wall ball shots, then continue the workout where you left off.

Intent: Todays metcon is all about managing the effort on Row. The DB Snatches should be quick and capable of unbroken sets between wall ball penalties. Set you DB up near your wall ball to maximize your time working.


“Burnt CD”


5 Pull Ups

5 DB Push Press

5 Bench Press

5 Cal Bike

– 5min Rest –


Min. 1: 14 Burpees to plate

Min. 2: 15 Plate GTOH

Min. 3: 16 Plate OH Reverse Lunge

Part #1, 15min time cap Intent: Every challenging 2 part metcon today. Part #1 choose a DB weight that you can go unbroken during every work interval. Part #2, try to keep splits consistent.