Thursday 3.28.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

3/1: 1st Friday Buds and Suds, 4:30-6:30p



Deadlift + Power Clean + Squat Clean Complex 10×1

Intent: Sets should be challenging but manageable for quality and speed.


200m KB OH Carry,  50 Reverse Lunges, 25 Air Squats
150m KB OH Carry, 40 Reverse Lunges, 20 Air Squats
100m KB OH Carry, 30 Reverse Lunges, 15 Air Squats
50m KB OH Carry, 20 Reverse Lunges, 10 Air Squats
25m KB OH Carry, 10 Reverse Lunges, 5 Air Squats
*KB OH Carry, 2 KBs, same weight, 1 OH, 1 in Front Rack.

Intent: Today’s work is similar to last weeks on purpose. The reason being is that there is NO
eccentric loading of additional weight to ensure you’re not going to be sore for tomorrow. This work is incredibly valuable though so don’t overlook how challenging it will be.
For those Athletes not completing Friday’s workout use KBs for suite case lunges and KB front rack squats.

5 Minutes of Row, Bike, Jog