Tuesday 3.5.19 CrossFit


Min. 1: 15s Hollow Hold
Min. 2 15s Handstand Hold
Min. 3 15 Barbell Rows, moderate
Min. 4:50 Ft. OH KB Carry each sideMETCON

“Space Cowboy”
For Time
30 DBs Push Presses
60 Abmat Sit-ups
90 Double Unders
20 DBs Push Presses
50 Abmat Sit-ups
100 Double Unders
10 DBs Push Presses
40 Abmat Sit-ups
110 Double Unders


Banded Row from Plank 4x12ea


Strength/Skill: Today will be an EMOM of gymnastics/skill work. Each movement should be finished between 15-30 seconds; allowing plenty of time to rest before the next movement. Focus on bracing the abdominals and executing each movement with proper form.

Metcon: Effort today should be around 75-80%. Remind athletes to keep moving throughout this workout with small periods of rest. Athletes may need to break up larger sets, but they should aim to go for big sets on the abmat sit-ups as well as on the double unders and breaking push press into reasonable sets (7-10 reps per set.) Remind athletes that  more shoulder stability is required for the dumbbell push press compared to a barbell push press so being smart with weight choices is important. Just to clarify, DB push presses are done with TWO DBs using a neutral grip (palms facing in).