Wednesday 3.6.19 CrossFit



1a.) DB Bench Press, neutral grip 4×10, heavy across
1b.) Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups: 4×2, build across


10 Rounds
1,2,3,4,5… Power Snatches (165,115)
100m Run
1 Rope Climb
Endurance: (95,65)
Snatch reps increase by 1 every rd.
**20min time cap


Banded Pull-Apart 4×50 UB
– change grip every set i.e. supinated or pronated


Strength: DB Bench will be performed with one challenging weight for all sets. Dumbbells bench press will be done with a neutral grip (palms facing in) which tends to be more “shoulder friendly” for most athletes as well being more triceps intensive. Use 2-3 sets to work up to working weight for all 4 sets. Wide grip pull-ups require more involvement from lats compared to close grip; have athletes practice unweighted and gradually increase weight each set building to a challenging set of 2 (for some opting for bodyweight for all sets will be the best course of action as the wide-grip is significantly harder than a shoulder-width grip pull-up.) Remind athletes to try to maintain hollow position throughout the pull-up.
Metcon: Athletes should approach this workout with the goal of sustaining a “hard effort”, but this hard-effort should be somewhat sustainable where work output does not drop significantly. Each round is intended to be done with single snatch reps so Athletes need to scale accordingly. Aim to stay around 80-85% effort.



On a 20:00 Clock
4-3-2-1 Minutes:
1a.) Row For Max Calories
1b.) AMRAP: 8 Plate Snatches + 8 OH Lunges
* Score total calories + full rounds


Core $Out
Russian Twists
Forearm Plank Hold (In seconds)


Intent:  Different style workout here. Try to use the row as a form of recovery, hovering about 75-80%. Then increase the effort on the AMRAP portion.  Athletes will complete 4min on each AMRAP before moving to 3min on each, descending time as AMRAPs are alternated.