Monday 3.11.19 CrossFit



Glute Bridge 5×5


“Barn Burner”
40 Power Cleans
30 Thrusters
Last completed 12/10


Banded Pallof Press 4×8


– Strength: Take 3 sets to build to a challenging weight that can be used for ALL 5 sets. This weight should allow for a full isometric contraction of the glutes at end range. This is a fantastic variation to hit the gluteus maximus which is directly responsible for extending the hips. If Athletes are unable to use this variation you can opt for a Sumo Deadlift building to a moderate set of 3, resetting on each rep. Also, make sure you do not OVER-EXTEND at the top of the movement; chin should be tucked (make a double chin) and glutes should be squeezed. Keep in mind we’ll be performing this again on 3/25 for 6 x 6.
– Metcon: Today’s Metcon is exactly like the name implies, a brutal burner. This is meant to be done at a high-effort, 90% where athletes are just shy of redlining and pushing their limits. Loading should allow for at least 5-7 reps per set. This is the type of workout that we’d rather have you go lighter vs. heavier so if there is ANY doubt, GO LIGHTER. Athletes should have a game plan that will allow them to minimize excessive bouts of rest. Keep in mind, this is an easy workout for Athletes to miss the boat on scaling. At no point, should you be performing less than 5 reps per set. This was last tested on 12/10.  There is no time cap, but success looks like sub 10min.




For Time
DBs Renegade Rows
DBs Front Squats
DBs Hang Clean + Jerk
Kettle Bell Swings

-1:00 After The 21s
-45s After The 15s
-30s After The 9s


– Metcon:  Choose a DB and KB weight that’s a challenge to go Unbroken with each set, but you should be able to get all sets Unbroken throughout the course of the workout. Push hard and earn the rest After Each segment.