Wednesday 3.13.19 CrossFit



1a.: Close Grip Bench 4×5
1b. Seated Legless Rope Clim 4×1-2


“The Hang Of It”
Hang Power Snatches (95,65)
*400m run after each set


DB Pullovers: 4 x 12


– Strength: Close grip bench will be performed with the hands just inside of the shoulders to emphasize the triceps. Superset with 1-2 repetitions of a seated legless rope climb per set. The legless rope climb will be challenging for most athletes so it is important to review proper mechanics for the descent as well as scaling options for intermediate and beginner athletes. Encourage athletes who haven’t completed seated legless climbs begin with 1/2 or 1 repetition to ensure they can complete both the ascent and descent.  The purpose of today’s work is push/pull with emphasis on the triceps, biceps, and forearms.
– Metcon: 80-85% today. Snatches should be light and capable of being done in big sets. T2B can be smaller sets and should be consistent for all three rounds. Remind athletes that grip will become a factor between the hang snatches and the T2B; however, the run will be an opportunity to rest the forearms. Additionally, there should not be excessive fatigue from Rope Climb work prior to the Metcon as the volume per set is low. Overall, this workout should illicit a higher heart-rate than yesterday.



5-10-15-20-25: Calorie Bike
10-20-30-40-50: Wall Balls
*After Each Round Complete…
10 Hanging Knee Raises + 20 Sit-Ups


Intent: This will be 150 Wall Balls, higher volume on this movement for most. Make sure your weight is very manageable. If too much decrease reps to 10-20-30-40.