Tuesday 3.19.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

Friday Night Lights

**March 22, 6pm at both Ardmore & Wayne**

Everyone is welcome to complete the Open WOD or just come and hang out and be part of the fun.
We’ll have a TACO BAR, adult beverages and guaranteed fun.
Stop by and yell your lungs out for our inspirational Athletes!



Min 1: 10-20s L-Sit Hold
Min 2: 20s Chest Facing Wall Handstand Hold


Each for quality, perfect reps:
5 Rounds of 60s/30s off:
1a) Wall Balls
1b) Double Unders
1c) Row, Bike, Ski Erg for Calories
1d) Pull-ups


Max Seated DB Cleans in 2 sets!


– Skill: Today is the 3rd and final week of our gymnastics skills cycle. Athletes should challenge themselves with these movements but pick a style of L-sit (review video of variations) and handstand hold which they will be able to complete for 10-20s across all rounds. Hollow position should be maintained during handstand hold. The goal on the handstand hold is to stay straight and tight with core braced and nose to the wall.
– Metcon: Each interval should be around 75% effort with small bouts of rest if needed. Athletes should be aiming to move through the full range of motion for wall balls and pull-ups; however, if they have limited ROM due to tightness or injury, encourage them to work within a ROM in which they can move safely and maintain proper form. Athletes should select a wall ball weight which will allow them to hit the target for all repetitions. Rx+ will be C2B pull ups. Beginner athletes can use a band which is challenging but will allow them to achieve the full range of motion. Athletes can scale to double under attempts if they do not have double unders.
– Finisher: Gamify this with your class, positioning as many Athletes at once on the benches to complete max reps