Wednesday 3.20.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

Friday Night Lights

**March 22, 6pm at both Ardmore & Wayne**

Everyone is welcome to complete the Open WOD or just come and hang out and be part of the fun.
We’ll have a TACO BAR, adult beverages and guaranteed fun.
Stop by and yell your lungs out for our inspirational Athletes!



1a): Shoulder Press 4×5
1b) 1-Arm DB Rows 4×10



20 Hang Power Cleans
20 Thrusters
20 Burpees


Single Arm Banded Pushdowns: 3 x 30-50ea.
*Between sets complete 10 DB Hammer Curls


– Strength: Perform 1a and 1b as superset. 4 rounds of each movement. For the shoulder press, we are looking for a strict movement with no recruitment of the hips or legs. Athletes should increase weight across sets. 1b will be performed with the same weight for all sets – athletes should pick a challenging weight they can maintain for all 4 sets (10 reps per arm). This work should include 2-3 warm-up sets prior to starting the work sets. This work is antagonistic meaning while we are performing one movement we are resting the opposing musculature which is why rest intervals are only 45s.
– Metcon: 70-80% Effort today, but keep in mind this is the type of workout that we want folks to start slow and manage their pace from there. This workout could easily cause someone to redline if they aren’t careful early. Sustaining 80% for the entire workout won’t be likely after the 10-minute mark so being smart about rest intervals is very important with a workout like this. Barbell weight choices should be light and allow for at least sets of 10. This AMRAP is 15 minutes so talk to athletes about strategies which will be useful going into this such as watching the clock to control rest periods, barbell cycling, and pacing the burpees. Pacing needs to be the priority today and weights must be light. This is the type of workout based on the movements that can elicit a very high heart-rate out of the gate and drastically drop peoples output which is why there is a range of output between 70-80%.



“In Progress……”

10 Rounds
200/150m Row
10 Alt.DB Snatch
10 Alt. Single Arm DB Floor Press


Metcon – Bit of an aerobic test here. This will be a solid gauge of your capacity and how well you can push, but still sustain. Reps schemes are low and you should be looking for fast transitions.