Saturday 4.6.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

4.6.19 Wayne, No Classes March Madness Comp.
**Cheer on your friends! 9a-12p



In teams of 2
Each for Max Distance:
10min of Farmer Carry
10min of Sled Push
10min of Barbell Back Rack Carry

Then immediately following each Athlete completes solo:
10min of Easy Recovery i.e. bike, row, jog at a conversational pace


– Metcon: Today’s work will be performed in teams of 2. We want Athletes to be working around 100% effort as rest will allow for some recovery, but remember that 100% with this type of work is very different than 100% with thrusters/burpees. Teams can split up work as needed and come up with their own strategy. Recovery should be done at a light pace of around 50% effort. Complete each movement for max distance, counting only full 100m increments as your teams score. Remember, the purpose of this work is to improve strength, conditioning, and recovery – this work is INCREDIBLY valuable but we must build value in it.