Monday 4.8.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

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Front Box Squat 5-4-3-2-1+


“Snatch Balls”
7 Power Snatch
10 Wall balls
*Courtesy of CF Southie


Single Leg Glute Bridge x 150 reps (total). Opposite leg rests while other leg works – alternate sets back and forth performing 15-20 reps per set.


– Strength: If possible use the same box they used previously on 1/28 – this was done for a 2RM last time it was tested. This means Athletes should be able to exceed their 2RM by about 15% with today’s 1RM. As you progress to single repetitions to achieve a 1RM, there should be 2 minutes of recovery before their next set. The purposes of using the box squat can be found here. Beginners will work up to a challenging set of 3. Power snatch work is intended to be a warm-up for the metcon and make sure you have the correct scaling in place.
– Metcon: It will be very easy to redline with this workout because of the nature of the movements so starting around 75% and increasing pace as you see fit is a good strategy. This is one of those couplets not to be underestimated. Finding the right balance between pushing too hard and not hard enough will be the challenge today, but if you pace this one correctly they’ll be able to push hard for the last 2 minutes (90+%). Rx+ goal is 7+ rounds, Rx 6+ rounds, E 5+ Rounds. There shouldn’t be a ton of transition time either – position the barbell near the wall if possible.



“Unsupervised Saturday Night”
10 Rounds
2:00 On 1:00 Off
10 1-Arm DB Push Press
200/150m Row
10 1-Arm DB Push Press
Max Sit-ups In Time Left