Tuesday 4.16.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

MONTHLY SEMINAR || You voted, we delivered!

On April 24th and 25th, we’ll have our very own Coach Cássio Oliveira host an informative clinic and FB Live Seminar with our own athletes to learn more about building bulletproof shoulders! Reserve your spot by signing up in Wodify or commenting below! Seats are limited!



1a) DB Bench Press w. a rotation: 2/5 x 8
1b) Iso-dynamic KB Rows: 2/5 x 8


Chip This!
For time:
40 KBS
4 Rope Climbs
30 KBS
3 Rope Climbs
20 KBS
2 Rope Climbs
10 KBS
1 Rope Climb


Prone Rear Lateral Raise 21s: 3 x 7-7-7


– Strength: Athletes can partner up with one working while one is taking their 60s of rest. Athletes should complete 2 sets prior to starting working sets. Review the transition of grip from neutral to pronated grip. This is done as a “super-set” where we are working opposing muscle groups. The isometric KB Rows will be more challenging  than your think so go light with these (this is done to ensure upper-back engagement.) This should be 5 challenging sets resting 30s between movements.
– Metcon: The level of effort for this piece should be around 80% today – all sets of KBS should be capable of being completed in 3 sets or less. Some Athletes may choose to go unbroken on the KBS,  reminder, your grip will become a factor on the rope climbs so having a plan to break sets will make sense. Grip will start to fatigue during the first round of rope climbs and we don’t want Athletes s to hit muscle failure on the rope so we suggest you break up the first round or two of kettlebells to save grip for the rope climbs. Overall, no one should hit the cap today – most times will range from 9-15 minutes.