Thursday 4.18.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

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1: Power Clean 3/6 x 3

2: Back Rack RFESS: 2/4 x 5


Every 5:00 x 25:00
10 DBs Step Ups
20 DBs Push Press
30 Sit Ups
60 Double Unders


Single Arm Farmer Carry: Max 100 Ft. Trips in 5 Minutes.


– Strength: This is the first week we will be working on these two movements. Power clean percentage should be based off 1RM power clean. Use 3 sets to work up to 75%. For the RFESS, Athletes can use a box or bench to elevate rear leg for the split squats although a bench is the ideal height and is more comfortable. Athletes should practice positioning with no weight first then gradually increase weight over 2 sets before starting with working weight. This work will show up next week as well. The cleans should be fast/efficient across all sets and the RFESS should be challenging for the 4 work sets. RFESS Video DEMO 
– Metcon: You’ll see this Lactic Power work this week and next. 100% effort on each set. This may not look as sexy on paper, but is an incredibly effective way to train the lactic energy system (in this case we are right outside of the ATP-PC system so we are targeting “lactic power.” For many going “100%” may be unfamiliar to them and this work helps ensure they receive the intended stimulus and actually train the anaerobic system. Keep in mind, this EMOM is designed not to allow for “full recovery” but enough recovery to sustain higher efforts and train the oxidative ability of high-threshold motor units.