Monday 4.22.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

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Back Squat 1RM


AFAP, but not for time:
60 Romanian Deadlifts
50 Front Rack Reverse Lunges
40 Weighted Straight Leg Sit-Ups


100 Standing Banded Ab Crunches


– Strength: Today we are taking sets of 5-4-3-2-1+, then roughly 3-4 singles above 90% of 1RM. This plan should account for a 5# PR on their previous max which was last tested on 1/14. It’s important to use these recommended guidelines in terms of building in weight. The purpose of max effort work is to build both intra/intermuscular coordination which in essences means developing motor patterns and neuromuscular efficiency. More information available here
– Metcon: All movements should be done with perfect execution. Athletes should move as fast as possible through these repetitions but focus on quality>speed – even though this isn’t the typical “metcon” Athletes will still be challenged on multiple levels. Athletes will complete all repetitions before proceeding to the next movement. Athletes should break up the sets as needed to maintain form throughout all repetitions. The key components to this work today is training the posterior and anterior chain.



5 Rounds
1:00 Double Unders
1:00 Weighted Straight Leg Sit Ups
1:00 Bike Calories
1:00 Goblet Squats
1:00 Rest